119 – us and the darkness

119 - us and the darkness. Collage by David Smith

119 – us and the darkness
Paper, reinforcers, watercolour 152mm x 229mm

The night before I made this we went to a gig at Bridport Arts Centre to see The Sea Cabinet production by Gwyneth Herbert. One of the performers, Fiona Bevan, was also the warm up act and I think she stole everyone’s hearts. It was a really excellent evening and afterwards they came out to talk and promote their wares. We bought Fiona’s CD and when she signed it for us I told her about #Collage365 and how I had done a collage for Beth Orton after seeing her (Number 12) and said I might do one for her.  She challenged me to make it better than Beth’s: you can decide. This is it – the title is one of her songs.

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